Episode 2.12: Metaphors for Climate Governance


In this episode, which is a re-broadcast of an episode from Season 1, we speak with Steven Bernstein, Distinguished Professor of Global Environmental and Sustainability Governance, University of Toronto, and Matthew Hoffmann, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto, about …

Episode 2.11: Growth, Degrowth, Agrowth


What is the relationship between economic growth and the environment? What is ‘green growth’ and why does the degrowth movement oppose it? And what does it mean to be agnostic about growth in the context of sustainability? In this episode …

Episode 2.10: Dairy Cows, Climate Change and Settler Colonialism: Insights from Aotearoa/New Zealand


Aotearoa/New Zealand’s dairy sector contributes 1/4 of that country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Dr John Reid (University of Canterbury), and Dr. Hugh Campbell (University of Otago), show us how Māori sustainability values are having a growing influence on the sector’s response …

Episode 2.9: Indigenous Environmental Rights: The Maya of Belize


In this episode we speak to Cristina Coc, Executive Director of the Julian Cho Society and Spokesperson for the Toledo Alcaldes Association/Maya Leaders Alliance, and Filiberto Penados, Chair, Julian Cho Society about the connections between indigenous rights and land conservation. …

Episode 2.8: Environmental Justice and the Anthropocene

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In this episode we talk about Indigenous environmental justice with Dr. Kyle Whyte (University of Michigan, and citizen of the Potawatomi Nation). Dr. Whyte explains how indigenous knowledge, identity, and kinship networks can reshape contemporary ecological politics.

Episode 2.7: Multilateral Agreements and Institutions in Global Ecopolitics


In this episode we talk with Dr. Radoslav Dimitrov, Associate Professor at Western University to learn more about multilateral environmental agreements. How are they created? How are they enforced? Dr. Dimitrov also explains why some MEAs are essentially “hollow” or …

Episode 2.6: Great Power Politics and the Environment


Dr. Yixian Sun (University of Bath), and Dr. Matthew Paterson (University of Manchester), explain how the world’s most powerful countries – from Great Powers in the G7 to emerging powers in the BRICS – shape ecopolitical outcomes on the global …

Episode 2.4: Eco-colonialism and Environmental Justice in the Global South


In this episode, we explore the theme of wildlife conservation and the tensions that exist between how people in the global north tend to view these issues versus how they are perceived and experienced by the rural people who live …

Episode 2.3: Theory and Method in Global Environmental Politics


What are some of the main theoretical approaches and methods used in the study of Global Ecopolitics? In this episode Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega (FLACSO) provides some very helpful answers and further explains the relationship between theory and method for students …