A podcast series offering core content for university students studying environmental politics.


  • Episode 1 
    Introducing the EcoPolitics Podcast

    Co-hosts Ryan and Peter share how they got involved in ecopolitics and the themes that inspired them to create the podcast.

    Introduction to EcoPolitics

    Dr. James Meadowcroft (Carleton) sheds light on how the environment has become a defining issue in Political Science, and on his work encouraging sustainabiltity transitions.

    Environmental Change in Canada: Plastics Case Study

    Jay Sinha of Life WIthout Plastic shares how businesses, governments and individuals can help tackle the enormous challenge of plastic pollution.

  • EPISODE 4 
    Environmental Racism & Justice in Canada

    Dr. Andil Gosine (York) and Tzazná Miranda Leal (Justice For Migrant Workers) discuss the ways in which racism is woven throughout Canadian environmental history and its impacts on Canadian environmental policy and research.

    Environmental Political History in Canada

    From ecopolitical history to tips on environmental activism techniques, Robert Paehlke discusses the environmental movement, and the ways in which the movement has changed over the past fifty decades.

    Federalism, Party Politics and Environment

    Using the example of carbon pricing, Dr. Kathryn Harrison (UBC) and Dr. Andrea Olive (Toronto) walk us through the complex factors influencing environmental policy-making in the Canadian Federation.

    Canadian Environmental Law and Policy

    Dr. Angela Lee (Ryerson) and Dr. Heather McLeod-Kilmurray (Ottawa) discuss the current structure of environmental law in Canada and how the law successfully (or not so successfully) helps protect the environment.

    Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and Politics

    Larry McDermott (Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation and ED of Plenty Canada) and Dr. Dan Longboat (Turtle Clan member of the Mohawk Nation and Associate Professor at Trent University) discuss lessons for sustainability inherent in Indigenous knowledges as well as Indigenous interpretations of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and other early treaties.

    Ecofeminism and Queer Ecology

    Dr. Catriona Sandilands and Dr. Sherilyn McGregor share with us the ways in which ecofeminism, and queer ecology, serve to diversify and deepen how we look at the policies and day-to-day practices of environmental politics.

  • EPISODE 10
    Treaty Relations and Environmental Politics in Canada

    Reflecting on the history and relationships that underpin two documentary films they made together, Dr. Sherry Pictou and Dr. Martha Stiegman discuss how the Mi’kmaq work to assert treaty rights over their land and fisheries in the face of colonialism and neoliberalism.

  • EPISODE 11
    Environmental Political Economy

    What is the relationship between capitalism and the environment? In this episode Dr. Laurie Adkin, Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta, provides some answers by guiding us on a journey through the world of 'environmental political economy'.

  • EPISODE 12
    The Politics of Decarbonization

    Proposing a new metaphor for decarbonization, Dr. Steven Bernstein (Toronto) and Dr. Matthew Hoffmann (Toronto) discuss how we might challenge carbon lock-in from local action to global governance.

  • EPISODE 13
    Corporate Sustainability in Canada

    In this episode we get real about corporate social responsibility, or what Rory MacAlpine of Maple Leaf Foods calls his company's "shared value" for all its stakeholders.

  • EPISODE 14
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Greenwashing, or legitimate Corporate Social Responsibility? Dr. Hamish van der Ven (McGill) helps us understand these concepts before walking us through two case studies.

  • EPISODE 15
    Climate Action in and by Canada: ENGO Voices

    What role do ENGOs play in the Canadian ecopolitical sphere? Catherine Abreu, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada, and Colleen Thorpe, Executive Director of Équiterre walk us through the roles their organizations play in fighting for climate policy and shifting cultural norms in Canada.

  • EPISODE 16
    Pathways to Sustainable Food Systems

    Achieving more sustainable food systems is a messy business because the stakes are so high for all involved. In this episode, we look at the state of food systems generally, and then critically analyze pathways towards sustainability for the food systems of Canada and Africa with our guests, Helena Shilomboleni, PhD, CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS) East Africa at the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, and Sarah J. Martin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University.